Our Decision to Leave- Part One

This is a series of posts that will document our decision to embark on this crazy adventure.  In this first part, I will cover the very basic elements of our plans.  As of today (January 22nd, 2011), we do not have definite plans.  This is merely a rough idea of our plans.

The short version

We’re selling, recycling, or donating almost all of our possessions, buying an RV, and taking our three kids on an open-ended journey around the country.

The slightly longer version

We will be meandering around the country seeking out new adventures, exploring, and meeting new people.  Part of our journey will be spent promoting barefoot running… it’s one of my passions.  The rest of the adventure will be spent finding interesting things for our family to experience.

Tentatively, I plan on seeking out adventures based on our interests: running (barefoot or otherwise), other outdoor sports, photography, crosstraining (like Crossfit or KemmeFitness), cooking, homeschooling, learning about green technology, visiting wineries and breweries, learning about RVing, etc.  I will also spend time promoting my book at various running stores, bookstores, or other such locations.

As I mentioned, the trip is open-ended.  We don’t necessarily know where we’ll go, when we’ll go there, or when the trip will end.  We’re not much for planning, and it adds to the sense of adventure.

We’ll document the journey in writing here on this blog, on Shelly’s blog, and on my website.  We will also produce videos which will be posted here and on our YouTube channel.

In the next few posts, I’ll discuss our motivations for this radical change in lifestyle.  Stay tuned!

Read part two here.

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